Transport & Travel

PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL. The Blakes' are known for their inability to be late.

Do not arrive after the Bride. 

We hope that transport logistics will be relatively easy for most people, although we do appreciate that some people are travelling a lot further than others. For those that don't think the best thing about a London wedding is that you can use Uber there are some more detailed options below.

Barnes Railway Station is about half way between the Church and the Reception venue. There are buses in both directions, and we will be arranging transport between the two after the ceremony. 

Travel to the Ceremony

Postcode for cab drivers - SW15 1HL (the postcode of the Church will take you to the vicarage)

If coming by public transport then we would recommend coming to Barnes, then a ten minute walk or the 265 bus to the Church. 

If driving, aim for Lower Common South where there is free street parking at the weekend. Postcode for Sat-Navs is SW15 1BP.


If you are pre-booking taxis, the postcode for Grove House is SW15 5PJ. Pre-booking will avoid a local Uber surge! 

There are lots of local taxi firms (we will have a list of numbers on hand on the night)

The last train from Barnes to Waterloo is at 23:56. You'll miss the end of the night though, so we don't recommend this!